April 13, 2019

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The recent emergence of Julius Eastman (1940-90) has caused a re-thinking the roots of American minimalism and the history of Black classical music, as well as a fresh look at the milieu from which Eastman emerged: the Center of the Creative and Performing Arts at SUNY Buffalo. Founded by Lukas Foss, this hotbed of creativity attracted James Tenney from the Fluxus scene in New York, and Frederic Rzewski from Italy. Solo piano music by Foss performed by Scott Dunn, and Rzewski performed by Adam Tendler will bracket ensemble works by Eastman and Tenney. Dunn, a Jacaranda regular since 2005, recorded Foss’s Solo under the composer’s supervision. Celebrating Rzewski’s 80th birthday, Tendler will perform his setting for “speaking pianist” of Oscar Wilde’s open letter from prison to Lord Alfred Douglas. Tendler returns to LA after three sold out John Cage concerts at the Broad Museum.

Lukas Foss – Solo for piano (1982)
Julius Eastman – Stay On It (1973)
James Tenney – Three Pieces for Drum Quartet (1974-75)
1. Wake for Charles Ives
2. Hocket for Henry Cowell
3. Crystal Canon for Edgard Varese
Frederic Rzewski – De Profundis (1994)

Scott Dunn, piano
MB Gordy, Sidney Hopson, Dustin Donohue, TJ Troy, percussion
Adam Tendler, piano
Zanaida Robles, voice